The 14 Day Challenge is founded by Steve K. and Julian Beek. 

Steve K. is Marketeer at heart. For almost 20 years He has helped multinationals, influential ministries and normal everyday Christians to have their impact on the marketplace.

Julian Beek has been building successful websites since he was 10 and has been developing his design and marketing skills ever since. After having multiple big successes in business he formed partnership with Steve K and launched 14 Day Challenge.

They started this company because they were both touched by the financial struggle that many believers in Jesus face. Many Christians are not able to follow their passion, work to much for to little, or struggle with lack.

This why they together created an amazing platform as an answer to this struggle. 

The 14 Day Challenge is set up to help believers rise above their financial circumstances, and even prosper, so they can walk in their God given calling and destiny.




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